There are many paths to becoming a professional hockey player. The two most common paths, Major Junior and the NCAA, each have significant advantages, but they also have some notable drawbacks. Consequently, when the time comes to make a decision between the two, families may find themselves in need of professional advice. 

Wingman Player Consulting has assembled a team of advisors who can help families navigate these difficult decisions and create strategic plans that will optimize their child’s career potential. In every interaction, our primary focus is to empower our clients and their families to make informed decisions regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each pathway in relation to both hockey and educational rights.


Wingman Player Consulting is dedicated to helping professional hockey players achieve lifelong success by working closely with our clients to develop strategic plans that work for them. We offer a number of player representation services and specialize in several key areas, including player contract negotiation, consultation, and ensuring that the terms of each player’s contract are being honoured. At the beginning of each relationship, we make the commitment to provide our clients with a holistic, lifetime education that is intended to maximize their market value and career opportunities. Wingman Player Consulting is passionate about ensuring that these off-ice considerations are well taken care of because it allows our clients to focus on the main objective: playing hockey and becoming a professional athlete.



Wingman Player Consulting employs a long-term player-development model that is based on prioritizing the physical and emotional needs of our clients . As such, our clients have access to our team of high-caliber off-ice strength and conditioning coaches, on-ice skills coaches, and sports nutritionists. Our team not only oversees each player’s progress, but they also work them to develop personalized hockey-specific programs oriented to realizing their full potential.


​We believe that mental strength is as important as physical strength when it comes to success on the ice and in life in general. Indeed, many extremely gifted athletes have failed to live up to their potential because they overlooked the mental elements of their respective sports, while other, less gifted athletes have gone on to enjoy long, successful pro careers. Our clients work with the best sports psychologists and mental strength coaches in the game to design and implement strategies for building mental toughness and focus.



Wingman Player Consulting provides each of its clients with a full-scale, holistic life-management experience that is tailored to their specific needs. We strive to ensure that our clients have access to professional advisors who can guide them through the tough decisions related to personal lives and their financial well-being, both as a player and in their transition to life after hockey. This transition is facilitated by our trusted team of professional financial advisors, who draw upon the soundest and most innovated available solutions to create a plan that will make sure each player is taken care of during and after their careers.


Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have radically transformed how people communicate with one another and express themselves. The hockey world is certainly not immune to this, and we strive to impart the importance of responsible, judicious social media usage. We work with our clients to help them understand how their activity on social media can negatively affect both themselves and their team by teaching them the difference between appropriate and inappropriate social media content.    



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